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SMP's Mission

We believe that professionalism and integrity are fundamental values in the construction industry. That’s why we take on all stages of the development process ourselves. We want our customers to be certain of the quality they are getting when purchasing realty from us. Our brand is more than just a name, it’s a standard. 

We call our brand a standard because of the experience and skill level of our team. We employ personnel with over 25 years of experience in the industry. We also host multiple divisions, specialised in either excavation, construction, plumbing, electrical work, or finishings. 



Our experienced team always conducts thorough research before deciding to move forward with the purchase of any site. This will typically involve an on-site examination, as well as inspections by health and safety specialists. All reports are then assessed by our management team, who will decide whether or not to proceed with a purchase.


project design

Our directors have built up a vast network of partners in the construction industry. We have built connections with some of Malta’s most decorated architects, ensuring that all building plans are of the highest order and are strictly adhered to through the construction process. 



In the procurement stage, management carefully decides on how responsibilities will be delegated among our teams. We then source the highest quality materials which are to be used for the project’s development. Finally, management ensures that all necessary equipment will be made available to our workforce at the required time, enabling us to stick to tight deadlines.



This part of the process involves implementing the project’s design. Beginning with excavation, all the way up till the final touches, the process is fully coordinated by our own team. We employ divisions specialised in each and every task, including construction, plumbing. electrical works, and finishings. 

Our Realty

We pride ourselves in developing property to high standards. Our directors’ long-standing experience combined with the workforce’s high skill level ensures that we don’t cut any corners with our work. We offer our customers value. When purchasing realty through SMP, you know what you’re getting – and that’s a high quality home.