Apartments for sale in Msida

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About this Development

Situated at Quarry Street,  Msida, this development occupies one of Malta’s sought after areas.

See Floor Plans Below

Apartment 1 (1st Floor)


Apartment 2 (1st Floor)


Apartment 3 (2nd Floor)


Apartment 4 (2nd Floor)
Apartment 5 (3rd Floor)
Apartments 6 (3rd Floor)
Apartment 7 (4th Floor)
Apartment 8 (4th Floor)
Apartments 9 (5th Floor)
Apartment 10 (5th Floor)
Penthouse 11 (6th Floor)
Penthouse 12 (6th Floor)

Facade Plans

Each unit occupies its own floor level, with the property comprising of a total of 7 floor levels. Click the button below to see the facade plans.

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